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Rosary and beads bracelet


This bracelet is 17cm long

made out of:

wooden beads

recycled beads


I’ll donate 10% of this item sales to the charity of our choice.

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This Amazing bracelet I made it’s about 7cm long.  It’s made out of wooden beads, old recycled beads, and rosaries that you can only find in Taiwan. The indigenous people in Taiwan would make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with these rosaries. I found this plant with tons of rosaries when I was hiking in Taiwan, and I collected them to make this bracelet unique.

I use 6 beads of each different type to make it because 6 is the lucky number in Asian culture. It means everything is going very smoothly. so it will bring you good luck when you wear it.

I’ll donate 10% of this item sales to the charity of our choice.

Really Lovely

My store specializes in offering a unique selection of handmade jewelries and crafts. Most of the products are made with nature material to make them more special and unique. I’ll always donate 10% of the money we earn to the charity our choice.

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