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Much Love Phoenix

The blueprint of Much Love Crew’s dream should not be limited to a single city, ethnicity, or lifestyle; it should be diverse, able to grow organically and expand. So, here I am, announcing the official launch of Much Love Phoenix.

Zero Distance Project 01 :: Jenny

The morning after my birthday last November, I embarked on a visit to Jenny, the eldest sister of the Yang family, marking the beginning of an extraordinary project called Zero Distance. While it may seem like a mere task-oriented endeavor, its true purpose was to rekindle connections and continue the bonds with friends and acquaintances who once held a significant place in my life.

Visiting SAFE in Austin!

Ahboga had told me about this cool place called SAFE in Austin. It’s a truly heartwarming story of a family with big, big hearts who saves abandoned and often disabled animals, and then when they are ready, pairs them with humans often with special needs themselves. What ends up happening is pure magic, healing in the way that only unconditional love can.

Day One (of being a father)

You would be teenager by now. 13 years, I didn’t get to tell you the story about how you survived. But, I know one day, we are going to meet again in Heaven and I will tell you the story about how you changed my life.


When I saw an ad for an online creativity school, I was curious.

How I Met Your Coffee? Part 2

重新認識咖啡的浪漫史 II。 In the early days of Re-store (the thrift store I ran back in Taiwan), many people thought that we were a coffee shop. But because I did not drink coffee back then, I was not looking to sell it. Until I met “Ze Coffee”.

Hello World

Nice to meet you! I’m Caroline, the newest member over here at Much Love Crew.

New Crew Member – Caroline

老朋友,新夥伴。 She was once my roommate and witnessed my ridiculous youth, and she even taught me how to build my first website. I consider her family, and while we may not see each other much, she has always occupied a huge part of my life.

How I Met Your Coffee? Part 1

重新認識咖啡的浪漫史。 One of the main products or lifestyles we are about to promote on Much Love is the clay pot roasted coffee.  Before getting into the coffee business, I think I should tell you about the story of how I met the coffee you are about to drink.