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Much Love Phoenix

“Great people do things before they’re ready.Amy Poehler

“I want to launch Much Love Crew @ Phoenix.”

I was halfway through dinner when Kimberly suddenly sent me a message. I almost spit out my food in surprise. I felt both excited and puzzled about Much Love Crew expanding to another city. “Is this for real?” I wondered.

But I believe that many people had similar doubts when I founded Much Love Crew, LLC last year. “What are these people up to, is this for real?” I’m sure there are still many who can’t quite figure it out. Despite repeatedly emphasizing the core values of Much Love Crew – love, family, and sustainable living – some still wanted to know, “What products are you selling?” I patiently replied, “We can sell anything related to love, family, and sustainable living!” I think our main goal is to promote and spread these core values rather than focusing solely on financial gains. Starting with love, centered around family, and with sustainability as our future goal.

Expanding to another city is something I hadn’t thought about at this stage. A friend in Houston had inquired about it before, and I didn’t have a clear response, considering we hadn’t even established a foundation in Austin. Currently, besides sharing our lives, progress on the kids’ handmade projects is super slow. T-shirts with completed designs remain unsold due to considerations about eco-friendly packaging, and the initial plans for herbal beverages are on hold while we think about producing them in an eco-friendly manner. There have been too many unnecessary thoughts about staying true to our ideals, resulting in little significant progress over the past year. So when Kimberly suggested spreading the same ideals as Much Love Crew in Phoenix, I agreed without hesitation! Well, maybe I hesitated for a few seconds, mainly because of that lingering doubt: “Is this for real?”

I think our starting points are somewhat similar yet different. I left Austin when I was young and lived in Taiwan for twenty years, only to return with my family to this foreign place filled with love and memories. On the other hand, they are a group of Taiwanese who have left their homeland for Phoenix, a place completely unfamiliar in terms of culture, life, and environment. But I believe our goals are the same – to help our children adapt to their surroundings, broaden their horizons, receive a more diverse education, and embrace various cultures and lifestyles while pursuing the American dream.

The blueprint of Much Love Crew’s dream should not be limited to a single city, ethnicity, or lifestyle; it should be diverse, able to grow organically and expand. So, here I am, announcing the official launch of Much Love Phoenix. As for what they will do in the future, what activities, products, or information they will have, and how we will interact with them, just like when I initially founded Much Love Crew, just do it and figure it out as we go along!

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