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Upcoming Event: Hike and Pick at McKinney Falls State Park!

This Friday, October 14th, Ahboga and I will be meeting up at McKinney Falls State Park for our first Hike and Pick together. Yeah!!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I had read Ahboga’s posts about his Hike and Pick events with his family and thought that would be so lovely for our family to do too. Firstly, I can’t wait to see Ahboga and family in person again, it’s been a while! Secondly, the kids are always asking to pick up trash (and I never seem to have gloves on hand for it) so they will be excited to be helping the Earth in this way. Thirdly, the weather here is finally cooling down to the low 90s, so it’ll be nice to be out. (In Texas, after you’ve endured a summer with record-breaking consecutive 100F+ days, yes, the low 90s is “cool”!) Fourth, even though I’ve been in Austin for a while, I haven’t ever been to McKinney Falls. Excited to be checking out someplace new! And fifth, I’m really looking forward to hiking together as a family. Love any opportunity to get us off our butts and outdoors. I welcome the exercise and the vitamin D!

Do you want to participate? Austin ISD kiddos will be out of school October 14th so it would be a great time to do a Hike and Pick. Anyone anywhere can participate with us virtually! You can also head to McKinney Falls if you would like (Day Pass reservations recommended; $6 for anyone 13 and up, free for 12 and under), OR go to any park of your choice. Take pictures of you and your family making a difference in the world and send them to us! We’d love to feature other families in action, spreading love, one step at a time.

If you go to McKinney Falls, maybe you’ll cross paths with us. If you see us, holler at us!

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