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Sumatra Mandheling


Lintong, Sumatra

Ateng, Tim Tim, Bourbon

Wet hulled

Dried on raised beds

Vienna Medium-dark Roasted

Geen Coffee supplied by Fresh Roasted Coffee







Sumatra Mandheling coffee is widely known for possessing a smooth chocolate flavor with earthy undertones. This bold and medium roasted Sumatra coffee is perfect for those who prefer Indonesian coffees with low acidity and full mouthfeel.

Farm Notes

Aceh is the westernmost region of the Indonesian island of Sumatra where coffee farms abound. The combination of high elevation and volcanic soil make for coffees that are rich and lower in acidity with notes of nutty dark chocolate. In the Takengon Highlands is a cooperative that honors Sumatran coffee traditions while moving forward with a focus on female empowerment and success.

Koperasi Pedagang Kopi Ketiara

Founded by Ibu Rahmah in 2008, the Ketiara Cooperative is primarily women-owned and is made up 890 growers and members who are passionate about improving the well-being of their members, delivering a quality product, and protecting the environment. In the 20 years before the coop formed, Rahman was managing nearly all aspects of her family’s coffee business—purchasing cherries, processing, and local sales. This gave her the foundation needed to not only produce great coffee but also to elevate women in the region, creating opportunities for them to succeed in a male-dominated field.

Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified

The support and teamwork at Ketiara Cooperative helped the coop expand their production to sell to larger suppliers. And their vote to become Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified has only made their network larger. The benefits of organic certification for the producers and the roasters are huge. Certification gives access to markets that might otherwise be unavailable, premium pricing, and eligibility for grants and financial assistance. This ensures better financial compensation for their coffee, with a minimum Fair Trade market price plus up to a 20¢ premium per pound. The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal ensures that coffee is regularly audited to meet strict standards of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. These standards seek to promote and continuously improve biodiversity, natural resource conservation, effective planning and farm management systems, and improved livelihoods and human well-being.

Washing and Drying

Coffee from Sumatra is wet hulled, a process not used in most other parts of the world but necessary in Indonesia’s more humid climate. This process tends to accentuate the coffee’s body, which makes for a more intense flavor profile. What separates washing from the wet hulling process is the moisture content of the bean—for wet hulling, the beans are have a higher moisture content, so more of the parchment sticks to the bean. The wet hulling process can be harder on the beans, but the whole process leads to an amazing cup.

Cupping Notes

Coffees from Sumatra are often noted for a very strong, immediately earthy flavor. The wet hull process undergone by this coffee plays a specific role in developing the earthy, vegetal and sometimes spiced flavors that can be identified in many premium Sumatran coffee beans. This Indonesian coffee undergoes an overnight fermentation, which swells the coffee beans with water. This type of fermentation transforms the unique flavor profile of Sumatran coffee, bringing about the unique characteristics that we’ve all come to love from this famous coffee region.

ZeRoast Notes by ah.Boga


Rating: 4 out of 5.

6 minutes, uneven smoke, I think the flame is a bit too big, so turned down the flame. 8 minutes, color turned golden yellow. 10 minutes, turn up the flame again to the usual level. 12 minutes, color turned light brown. 13 minutes, heard the first pop. 14 minutes all beans started popping, heavily smoked. The lighting was not so good, so I can’t really tell if the color is dark enough, so only by observing the shape of the beans. 16 minutes, turned off the flame, keep stirring till the popping sound stopped, 18 minutes, pour the coffee out to bamboo sieve to cool off. Totaly 18 minutes small flame roasting with 160 mg in a small clay pot.

This time, got lots burnt beans because of the high heat due to the too big of the flame. I should have trust my instinct at the first place, and shouldn’t turn the flame up again at the 10 minutes mark… the last 5 minutes the flame was way too big, and many coffee got burnt in the end. After picking out some of the worse burnt beans, I still kept some evenly darker bean in the mix, so this patch will contain a stronger flavor.

I usually love Mandheling, it’s not as sour as other single region coffee. Lots imperfect and fragmentary beans when you sorting out the green beans, but after being roasted, it will create a strong, grass root flavor. Much more down to earth feel, rusty flavor, just like the personality I like to portray. I can definitely taste the bitterness in the beginning, but the caramel chocolate taste will stay in your mouth for awhile!

Ice dripped for 6 hours in refrigerator. Strong smoky, rusty, earthy flavor. Bitter sweetness just like everyday life with my kids. It tasted really awesome when adding oak milk with it. It’s ten times better than the Starbucks Latte.

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