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Honduras Dry Process Sabillon Parainema


Las Flores, Santa Barbara


Dry Process (Natural) – Raised Bed Sun-Dried



Full City Medium Roasted

Geen Coffee supplied by Sweet Maria’s






87.3 分


Aromatic cup, notes of rustic dried fruits like slab apricot and blueberry, ginseng tea with honey, a fruited wine spritzer hint, maraschino cherry cordials, and a little earth-toned bittersweetness in the backend. City to Full City.

Farm Notes

Like most of his neighbors, Juan Carlos Sabillon grew up on his family’s coffee farm, helping out during the harvest. First, it was his grandfather’s land that he and his father tended. That land was passed on to his father when he was in his teens, and now in his early 20’s, Juan Carlos has 1 hectare of coffee to call his own. His farm is called “Los Pimientas”, and is located in Las Flores, Santa Barbara, at roughly 1300 meters above sea level. Being a security guard at the nearby San Vicente mill, Juan Carlos witnessed how other coffee farmers were benefitting from investing in their farms, specific cultivars, and changing their harvest and post-harvest practices. Seeing how others were gaining a clear return on a structured farming approach, Juan Carlos decided to follow suit. With the help and guidance of the San Vicente team, he started experimenting with different process techniques, and planted his farm with 75% Parainema, and 25% Gesha. This is a dry process version of his Parainema coffee. Parainema is a type of Sarchimor (Sarchimor = cross between Villa Sarchi and Timor Hybrid) that was originally produced in Costa Rica, and introduced in Honduras within the last decade. The name “Parainema” came about in the growing area of Paraiso, on Honduras’ Southeastern border. The name itself is a hybrid of Paraiso and nematode (“Parai” + “nema”), of which the cultivar is resistant to. Grown in higher altitudes, Parainema is known to exhibit floral and tea qualities, which is what we were looking for when cup testing several cultivar separations. For me, the floral characteristics that came through were most like a really ripe fruit flavor that incites a retronasal response, rather than fresh flowers, and I think much of that has to do with process method rather than cultivar.

Cupping Notes

On my first roast of this coffee, I struggled a bit, and found myself in Full City territory faster than I expected based off the initial audible ‘pops’. I have a feeling the initial ‘snaps’ aren’t audible, and so it was well underway by the time I heard it. If you are shooting for a light roast, try pulling your batch 1 minute after the start of 1st Crack and adjust from there. That said, I still enjoyed my Full City and Full City+ roasts quite a lot, and dry processing ensures a fruity underlay beneath the deep cocoa roast flavors. Once I hit my light roast mark, I was pleased with the aroma of rustic dried fruits like slab apricot and blueberry, and dark fruited flavor notes with a slight fermented aspect brought out a flavor profile of wine spritzer. The sweetness was accented by a honey note, that along with a rooty/herbal flavor reminded me of ginseng tea sweetened with honey. Darker roasts play up the chocolate roast flavors and big body. Flavor notes of maraschino cherry cordials, and holiday chocolates filled with fruit liqueurs are what I noted, as well as an earth-toned bittersweetness in the backend.

ZeRoast Notes by ah.Boga


Rating: 3 out of 5.

8 minutes, started to smell the sweetness of the green bean. 10 minutes, color turned light yellow. 15 minutes, green beans turning golden brown, lightly smoke. 18 minutes, color turn golden brown, first pop, flame might be too strong because some bean already got burned. Turn the flame down a bit, continue stirred with faster pace. 23 minutes, color turn brown, heavy smoke with faster popping sounds, getting ready to turn off flame. 25 minutes, turn off the flame, continue stirred for another minutes. 26 minutes, pour coffee outta pot to rest. Total 26 minutes small flame roasting with medium clay pot.

Ok, got to admit, I mess up a little bit. Got a huge argument with the wife the morning when I roasted the coffee, so I know this patch is not going taste the way I like. Got a bit over roasted, about full cup was picked out because they were burnt. But, still.. grind the burnt ones up and fed them to the wife, she is not going to taste the different. But, I know there’s RAGE within that cup of coffee (I hope she tasted it). For the rest of the bean, they are more like a darker medium roast or full city plus.. So, it still taste good. Hand pour with small stream and lower temperature might be able to get rid of the charcoal taste at the frontend.

Ice dripped for 6 hours in refrigerator. You can still taste the bitterness of my frustration when you first drank it. But, there’s a sweet after taste and berry fruit hint behind it. A bit smoky, rusty, earthy similar to Mandheling, but got more fruity flavor to it. I give it a 3 stars because of my personal issue, sorry, Mr. Coffee.

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