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Zero Distance Project


Throughout our lives, we push the reset button to restart from zero many times. For me, I moved to the States during my teenage years, went away for college, stepped into the real world, moved back to Taiwan, left a stable job and started my own design studio, started a family, quit my design career and became a stay-at-home dad, opened up a thrift store, and moved back to Austin. All these different stages meant a change of lifestyle and a new purpose in life. Similar to my relationships with people, I’m constantly resetting. I’ve made new friends along the way, and have gotten to reconnect with old friends with an entirely fresh mindset. It used to be about just hanging out and having fun or doing business together back in the day, but now it’s all about creating a better future for our children, being with family, and bonding with the people we love.


I want to reconnect with my old friends on a much more up-close and personal level.  I want to invite them over to have a cup of my hand-roasted coffee or home-brewed tea.  I want to catch up, try to make up for lost time; learn more about each other on a deeper level, not just on the surface.


“Zero” means zero distance with others, getting up-close and personal.  Getting to know a person starting from zero includes getting to know your old friends from ground zero with zero expectations.  Sometimes, you never actually know the people around you, because you never had the chance to have deep conversations with them.  We all need deeper connections with each other – with our friends, families, neighbors, even strangers on the street – but this means doing more than just a quick wave or hello.


Ever since I moved back to Austin, I haven’t yet gotten to meet up with each and every one of my old friends.  Perhaps it’s because of the pandemic, perhaps it’s because we haven’t been in touch for over a decade; it can be hard to find a reason to restart the conversation.  And then we get busy with kids, busy with life, and before you know it, a year flies by, just like that.  One day, I want to get my old van out, loaded with love, coffee, and zero expectations, then drive all around town and rekindle old friendships.  Yes, it’s time for action.  Friends from the old days who wanna catch up – holler at me!


If somehow I haven’t reach you and you are in Austin, my friend!! Please book a coffee date with me, I’ll bring the coffee to you and let’s catch up!!



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