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New Crew Member – Caroline


“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” – Elizabeth Foley


She was a camper at a summer camp, and I was a counselor. Then we were counselors at the same camp a few years later.  She was once my roommate and witnessed my ridiculous youth, and she even taught me how to build my first website. I consider her family, and while we may not see each other much, she has always occupied a huge part of my life.


For more than twenty years, we have hosted each other, traveled to visit each other, hung out here and there, and we’ve watched each other go from the single life to having our own families. Yet the relationship between us has never become strange due to time and distance. Along the way, we’ve watched each other grow – she became a wonderful mother, and I became a father. She carries herself with the same honesty and sincerity as when we first met, whereas I am still a bit crazy and out of control. Two seemingly extremely incompatible personalities, yet our friendship has stayed strong after all these years. Now, both families have returned to the same city to settle down – pure serendipity.


So I invited her to join the Much Love Crew.  To persuade anyone to join a team that wasn’t sure what they were doing, perhaps even sounding a bit dangerous, since the slogan “Spread Love Around the World” kind of sounds like propaganda from a cult or scam. But without hesitating, she said yes – that’s how much she trusts me!!

於是我邀請她加入Much Love Crew,要說服任何人加入一個不確定在搞什麼的團隊,其實聽起來有點危險。尤其,那個”Spread love around the world”的口號,的確聽起來像是個斂財的宗教團體或是詐騙集團善用的宣傳用語。但是她毫不猶豫地答應了,就知道她對我有多大的信任!!

Today, Much Love Crew is no longer a single-family crew. From two completely different individuals, extending now to two families with completely different backgrounds, joining forces into one. I’m watching the prototype of Much Love Crew slowly take shape. As for what kind of spark our two families will create, let’s wait and see!!

今天,Much Love Crew 不再是單一家庭的團隊。由兩個完全不同的個體,延伸出來兩個背景完全不同的家庭,凝聚成的一股力量。我已經看見 Much Love Crew 的雛型,慢慢地成形。至於,我們這兩個家庭會觸碰出怎樣的火花,讓大家拭目以待!!

2019 visiting Taipei with family
2019 Caroline’s family come visit us at our tiny apartment in Taipei. 2019年全家來台北拜訪。

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