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ONE YEAR back in Texas.


“Home is Where the Heart is.” – Elvis Presley


Exactly one year ago, during the time of chaos around the world, we moved from Taiwan to Austin.  A giant step for my family and me, we left the people we love and everything that we were familiar with and stepped into the unknown.  Well, for me probably a bit easier, because I am just picking up whatever I left behind 20 years ago and continuing with it.  But, for my family there is a whole new adventure ahead of us!!


After one year, the kids’ English improved dramatically, and they all met many friends in school.  Because of them, I met some great parents, and some became good friends.  And yes, I do miss my people back in Taiwan.  Especially the ones who are close to my family and me during the very last year before we left.  Those are the family I know I will cherish forever.  


Ever since my young adulthood, after I left my parent’s house, I’ve been searching for where I belong.  Not till I have my own child and family to realize that I am so close to home.  I’ve been searching in the wrong direction.  Cherish the loved ones by your side, enjoy the time with your family and friends, those simple daily life experiences are the ingredients of happiness.  Home is not the house where you grew up, home is where the heart is.  Home is where the love is.  I was home back in Taiwan, and I am home now in Texas.


During this year, I only reconnected with the friends who contacted me directly.  Because of the pandemic, I lost my social skills. I don’t know how to approach people anymore.  Should I hug?  Handshake? Or just bow to each other from a distance?  I am a hugger, I hated it when I saw a friend and we had to keep our distance because of the fear of being contagious by this damn virus.  But the threat is real, we can’t really ignore it.  And sure, I understand the friend who left us standing outside of his lawn and waved to us like a caged animal when we showed up at his door.  Everyone has different concerns and different safety precautions.  So, after that, we only meet up with the one who contacts us directly and the one who is willing to meet up in person.  Therefore, I only get to reconnect with a few friends from my past during this year.  


I’ve been back with my family for one year already, and it’s been more than 2 years since the COVID hits globally.  I think we all need to get back to our normal.  Including the way, we interact with each other.  I need to think of a way to reconnect with my old friends and meet new ones.  Not just wave at each other and say hi, we all need a deeper connection to each other, to our friends, families, neighbors, and even a stranger on a street.


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