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Hike & Pick #003 {Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park round 2}


Decided to take girls and Chance to Walnut Creek Park at the very last minute, since Chance missed it last time.  There is an unleashed area for dogs at this park, so it’s perfect for Chance to go crazy and mingle with other local dogs.

臨時決定帶女孩們跟Chance去Walnut Creek Park,因為Chance上次錯過了。這裡有專門讓狗兒不需繫繩的區域,非常適合讓Chance瘋狂的奔跑及於其他在地狗兒邂逅的公園。

Again, we always go with the flow and play it by ear.  But girls and especially Chance were having a great time!  This is definitely one of our favorite parks to bring Chance, maybe because it’s very close to us and we haven’t really been to that many places, yet.  It’s just that afterward, washing Chance is definitely a pain in the ass. 


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