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Take a Hike in Nature


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

“當你仔細觀察大自然,你將對這世界萬物有更深刻的理解。” – 愛因斯坦

I used to party all night and sleep all day when I was young and reckless.  Not till I became a parent and had kids of my own, I started to enjoy nature.  And I realized what I have been missing out on!  I started to take my kids to join a hiking group when we were still living in Taiwan.  We hiked every week to the mountains and woods around the Taipei area.  Kids love it, and I enjoyed it as well.  It gave me a chance to get away from the busy city life of Taipei.


Now we moved back to Texas, even though we have nature right in our backyard.  But, going hiking once awhile, still one of our favorite activities.  During spring break, I took them to the Bull Creek District Park, hiking on the Inga VanNynatten Memorial Trail.  The trail was named in honor of the UT naturalist and environmentalist who helped create the vision and plan for the trail.  VanNynatten passed away in 2000 because of cancer.

現在,我們搬回到了德州,雖然大自然就在我們家後院。但是偶爾走入山林步道還是我們最喜歡的活動之一。春假期間,我帶著孩子們到 Bull Creek 區域公園,走進了 Inga VanNynatten 紀念步道。這個步道是為了紀念一個自然派的環保人士,當初有協助規劃此步道,後來於2000年因癌症過世,於是以她命名來紀念她。

It’s a very easy trail to hike for the kids, and the best thing is right by the creek.  So, at the end of our hike, we all go into the water.  Although the studies have shown that Bull Creek has had unsafe levels of fecal contamination in the past.  But who can resist the temptation of the cool stream?!  Plus, we knew we were going to shower right after the hike anyway!!


The first step of being earth friendly is to walk into nature.  As you see how beautiful mother nature is, you will know it’s our responsibility to protect it.  The days are getting warmer and nicer, we want to start hiking every week in the Austin area and pick up trash on the way.  Who wants to join us?  Let’s take a hike together, to make the world better!!


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