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How I Met Your Coffee? Part 1

重新認識咖啡的浪漫史 I

One of the main products or lifestyles we are about to promote on Much Love is the clay pot roasted coffee.  Before getting into the coffee business, I think I should tell you about the story of how I met the coffee you are about to drink.


I love the smell of the coffee; I used to drink a lot of coffee and loved it.  Until one day, drinking coffee started to make me feel sick.  Every time I drank coffee, my heart started to beat really fast, skipping beats and I started to get agitated.  I thought I was sensitive to caffeine, and it was the caffeine that made me feel sick.  But strangely enough, I am fine with drinking tea, coke cola and other caffeine-containing beverages.  For that reason, I stopped drinking coffee for a long time. 


One day, I took my wife, who is addicted to coffee, to this small coffee shop near my thrift store called “Ze Coffee”. The owner/coffee roaster convinced me to drink his coffee.  He got this confidence in his smirk and promised me that the coffee he roasted was so fresh and pure, it won’t make me feel sick at all.  He was right, it was the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!!  And best of all, it didn’t make me feel sick.  From that day on, I started to drink coffee again!!  But only the coffee roasted from that small coffee shop. 


During that time, I was going through a family crisis.  My mom was sick in the hospital, and I had to leave my thrift store unattended for days or even months.  So, I posted a notice on my page, asking if anyone was interested in sharing the space at my store, so the store space can be more utilized instead of being shut down all the time.  Then one day, the owner of Ze Coffee who I’ve only met once, messaged me and told me that he was interested in selling coffee at my store.  From that day, a wonderful friendship and partnership has started.  And the amazing journey of clay pot roasted coffee has started for me as well.  


This guy like a god sent angel, coming to my life and bring coffee back to my world. 他像是個天使一般進入我的生命,把咖啡再帶回到我的世界。
The beautiful coffee beans hand roasted by Aaron (the owner of Ze Coffee). 阿鈜(嘖咖啡老闆)手工烘焙出來美麗的咖啡豆。
Using bamboo sieve to get rid of skin and cool down the fresh roasted coffee. 利用竹篩來去銀皮及冷卻剛烘完的咖啡豆。
Cheryl, Aaron’s life partner, also a great barista making the best hand pour coffee. 小鹿,阿鈜的伴侶,超專業的咖啡師也是咖啡店的靈魂人物。

If you are currently in Taiwan or think about going to visit Taiwan, map below is their location. Or go visit their website at Go sit down and enjoy a cup of fine roasted coffee!!

如果你現在人在台灣或有準備去拜訪台灣,下面地圖是他的位置,或去拜訪他們的網站!! 歡迎去他們店裡坐下,享受一杯優質的精品咖啡。

There are more to this story, please keep following our page for more stories to come.


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