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Hike & Pick #001 {Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park}


Last weekend, we went to Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park.  It is a trail near where we live.  I never knew we got a beautiful park just 8 minutes away from our house.  It got hiking and biking trails, many off leash trails for the dogs, and beautiful scenery by the creek area.  Currently, lots of closed trails which are under construction, and lots of people during the weekend, but there are many off road detours you can explore to avoid the crowd.  We love to go off the trail sometimes, although it would take a bit longer to get back on the track, kids love the adventure of not knowing where we will end up. 

上周末,我們去了離家裡才八分鐘 Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park的步道,從來不知道家附近有這麼美麗的公園。在那裡有單車步道、無需繫狗的步道及在小溪邊美麗的風景。目前哪裡有許多禁止進入的施工區,而且周末的人潮滿多的,如果你想閃避開人群,可以走其他沒標示的步道去探險。我們有時候喜歡亂走出原本的步道,雖然要走回正軌會走久了一些,但是孩子們很愛這樣不知目的地的探險。

Because this was the first time we have been to this park, we are not sure if the park is dog friendly or not, so we didn’t take Chance (our golden retriever) with us.  But, I will definitely bring Chance to hike next time.  So many friendly dogs out there, and many areas are off leash, so I can set him free and chase around with other furry friends.  There are also very fun playgrounds at the park, I especially love the one they built with natural woods.  I think I would use the similar idea to build a playground for my kids in our backyard one day.  


Other than hiking, our other mission is to pick up the trash while hiking around the trail.  At the end of our hike, we collected a total of 3 bags of trash.  We do find some trash at the entrance area, not as much inside the park, except the bags of poops laying around everywhere by the trails.  Ok, I mean… You’ve already made an effort to put your dog poops in the plastic bag, why can’t you throw them away in the trash can?  Yes, maybe because there are almost no trash cans once you enter the park, but you can still carry them till you get out.  There are plenty of big trash cans at the entrance and near the parking lots.  If you don’t want to carry a bag of poop around, I think you should have your dog poop off the trails where people won’t step on it and cover them with dirt or leaves, at least it will be decomposed into soil and become the nutrition for the earth.  Bag them up with a plastic and just throw them everywhere doesn’t make them go away!!  Anyway, it was just my 2 cents.


Overall Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is a great park for kids and your pets.  When I googled it, I noticed there is a concrete paved trail that we can walk from our house all the way to the park.  Maybe next time we can take the long route without driving over to the park.

總而言之,Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park是個很適合帶孩子及寵物來的公園。當我回家Googled 他時,我發現他有一個步道會從我們家這裡直通到公園。或許下次可以不開車去,直接走走看。

If anyone is interested in joining us for the hike and pick event, feel free to contact me…  We are usually very spontaneous and decide where to go at the last minute.  Since we haven’t really gone to that many places yet, if you have any suggestions for us about where we should go, please let us know as well!!  We want to start a weekly hike and pick event with kids and whoever would like to join.  And I would let people know where we went afterwards and hopefully more and more people would enjoy walking into nature and keeping it clean!


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