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Uncle Kevin’s Calligraphy Session


Learning English is one of the most difficult tasks for our kids at this moment, but not forgetting our mother language seems to be an even more difficult task to achieve. Both girls picked up some basic Chinese writing during the school years in Taiwan, but I want them to keep learning more about this beautiful language.  Chinese calligraphy is an art form, not just a tool for communication.


Kids are lucky to have an uncle (my brother-in-law) who is mastered in Chinese calligraphy.  Last year he was willing to give us one hour every weekend to teach our girls how to utilize this special writing skill into an art form.  This Lunar New Year, he invited kids to write the spring couplets and squares with him.  He also wrote them to fundraise for a caring special education teacher who needed help. 


Uncle Kevin is having his first art show “Tradition’s Rebirth in Modern Austin” at the Asian American Resource Center from January 10 ~ March 26, 2022.  He is not only a great calligraphy artist, and he also practices Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in the north Austin area.  For those who love to be needled or just wanna get healthy can look him up at TxHarmony Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine


If you are interested in learning Chinese Calligraphy, please contact us.  I am sure he will be happy to open a small workshop for those who are interested!


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