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Naming “Much Love Crew”


“COINCIDENCE is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

“巧合 是神保持匿名的方式。” – 愛因斯坦

Why did I use the name “Much Love”?  I remember back in the days, whenever I wrote a letter to others, I always ended with “much love” at the end before my signature.  And in summer 2014, when one of my friends and I were thinking about starting a creative group that focuses on design and charity works.  I happened to buy a magazine which featured a photographer named Mark Nixon, titled “Much Loved”.  So, we decided to name our creative group “Much Love Crew”.  The thought process of naming our group was very random and we didn’t think too much of it.

Much Love 這個名字怎麼來的? 記得之前寫信給朋友時,我總會以”much love”加上我的簽名作為結束。後來在2014年暑假時,跟朋友一起想要成立一個專注投入於設計及公益的創意團隊。當時我剛好買了一本雜誌,當期專訪一個叫Mark Nixon的攝影師,主題就叫”Much Loved”。所以非常隨機及隨興、未加以思索的我們就決定用了”Much Love Crew”這個名字。

As time went by, due to the responsibility of newborns, I got so tight up with family matters at the time, Much Love Crew didn’t really do much loving.  I was focusing on my own kids and then opened a thrift store “Re-store” soon after my youngest son turned 1 year old.    Re-store was a life changing experience for me and my family.  But the name “Much Love” has just been sitting in the closet for a while, until we decided to leave Taiwan and move to Texas.

時間一天一天過去,孩子們陸續出生,當時忙於家庭事務的我根本沒有餘力經營 Much Love Crew。我的關注力完全放在自己的孩子身上及後來經營的二手商店,愛蕊商行。成立了愛蕊商行改變了我們的生活與信念。但是,”Much Love” 這個名字就被封存了一陣子,直到我們搬離了台灣來到了德州。

Last year was amazing to us, we moved away from our comfort zone and stepped into a totally new environment.  Well, it’s not totally new to me, since I was living here before 2002.  But it’s been 20 years, Austin is totally different now from the way it was before.  I left as a single young man and came back here with a whole family.  Everything is new to my wife and my kids.  I know I have to do something to make our fresh start more meaningful and memorable.  So, I decided to pick up the name “Much Love” again and go on a new business adventure with my family.  Also dedicated to honor my mother’s name, her initials are also M.L. (Mei Lin), who passed away in 2018.  I think it’s a good time to start up something good with much love.

去年對我們來說是充滿驚奇的一年。我們搬離了台灣的舒適圈進入了一個完全陌生的環境。其實,對我來說 Austin 並不完全陌生,畢竟2002年之前我還住過這裡。但那也是二十年前的事了,況且現在的Austin 跟當時完全不一樣了。我當時離開時還是個單身青年,如今帶著一家子回到這個地方,所有人事物對太太及孩子們來說仍是全新的體驗。我知道我必須做些什麼,讓我們的重新開始有更深刻的意義及記憶。所以我決定重新拾起”Much Love”這個名字,與我的家人展開一個全新的事業旅程。也將 Much Love 獻給在2018年逝世的母親,她英文名的縮寫也是 M.L. 以此紀念著她。

I think it’s a good time to start up something good with much more love.


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