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Much Loved


“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” – Tom Stoppard


After briefly explaining the reason why I picked the name for my creative group “Much Love Crew”, I think I should write in more detail about the feature “Much Loved” I saw in that magazine.  Since reading that article on the day when we were brainstorming for the group, was one of the main reasons we finalized our decision. The chance of that was not just a coincidence.

上次簡單的說明了為什麼選擇了命名我們的團隊為Much Love Crew之後,我想要再稍微寫一些關於那天我隨機買來的雜誌裡讀到的專欄 “Much Love” 。畢竟是因為剛好在構思團隊名稱時讀了那篇專欄,而讓我決定要以Much Love命名,這樣的機緣絕對不只是巧合而已。

“Much Loved” project started with the simple idea of the photographer, Mark Nixon, wanted to photograph the teddy bear (or Peter Rabbit) of his son.  And later on, Nixon asked his clients to bring in their kid’s teddy bears to take the photo for an exhibition at his studio.  But, instead of bringing kids’ teddy, a lot of adults brought in their cherished teddy and told their stories.

“Much Loved” 計畫開始於一個非常單純的想法,一開始攝影師Mark Nixon只想要拍他兒子的兔子玩偶,後來覺得這樣的系列很像可以放在他工作室裡作展覽。於是他要求他的客戶都帶自己孩子的泰迪熊或玩偶來讓他拍攝。但是很意外的,更多的成年人帶著他們兒時的玩偶過來,而每一個玩偶都有著歲月的痕跡,及訴說著不同的故事。

I think everyone has that one thing you kept from your childhood that meant a lot to you.  And every child has a teddy bear, bunny or a blanket that will make them feel safe and give them comfort at night.  I used to have a big red rabbit when I was little, and I had to hold him to sleep every night.  I was devastated when my mom threw him away, because his nose and one of his eyes were torn. 


When my kids were born, one of my good friends who was also a photographer would buy each of them a Kaloo Rabbit.  They still have them, and my girls still need to hold them to sleep at night.  Do you still have your teddy bear, bunny or stuffed animals when you were little?  What’s your “much loved” story?!


Kids and their much-loved companion

Ree’s Kaloo Rabbit has been keeping her company ever since she was still a baby. 從小陪著Ree長大的兔子卡魯。
Kaloo Rabbit was the one with her all the time when she was in ICU after the heart surgery. 心臟手術後,小兔卡魯一路陪伴著Ree在加護病房。
2 years old Vee washing her Kaloo Rabbit. 兩歲的Vee在幫小兔卡魯洗澡。
Hanging Kaloo Rabbit to dry. 把小兔卡魯夾起來晾乾。
I turned around and Vee was washing her hair with laundry soap. 我一轉身的時間Vee就拿起了洗衣皂開始洗自己的頭髮。
Vee got really mad when I tried to wash the soap off her hair. 我試著想把Vee頭上的肥皂泡沫沖乾淨,他生氣了。
Chance chewed up Vee’s rabbit when we first adopted him. 剛領養Chance沒多久他就把Vee的兔子咬爛了。
I patched her up with piece of recycle fabric. 我利用回收布料把它縫了起來。
Washing one of kid’s tiny bear. 幫孩子的其中一隻小熊洗澡。
Hanging the bear to dry. 把小熊夾起來晾乾。

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