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Handmade Necklace

Are you tired of seeing scrap wood go to waste in your backyard? We have a creative solution for you! We were inspired by a young girl we met in Taiwan who turns recycled wood into beautiful necklaces. Now, we’ve brought that idea back to Austin and want to share it with you and your kids.

Our daughters started by making unique wood necklaces for their teachers and close friends. Then, on Ree’s 11th birthday, she decided to teach her friends how to make their own necklaces using recycled wood as party gifts. It was a huge hit, and everyone fell in love with their personalized creations.

We believe that this is an easy and enjoyable activity to do with children aged 7 and older, as it involves using a sander machine. If you’d like to have a memorable handmade session with your kids, simply fill out the form below, and we’ll arrange a session just for you!

Sign up for a Handmade Necklace Session:

To participate in a handmade necklace session with your children, please provide us with the following information. Each child will need to pay a $30 fee to join the class, which includes a materials package to create a beautiful wooden necklace. Additionally, we will donate 10% of the fee to a charity of our choice.


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