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本味 – 尋找原始的味道

Boon – “something extremely useful, helpful, or beneficial; a blessing or benefit.”

“Boon” means something extremely useful, helpful, or beneficial; a blessing or benefit. Also in Taiwanese “boon be” means the original flavor.  We always wanted to make something beneficial to our body and mind.  Something natural, original and down to the root, eventually we start with healthy food and beverages, because they are essential to our body needs.

Boon 的英文解釋是提高生活素質的東西; 有用之物; 恩賜。 而“boon be”亦是本味的台語發音。 我們一直想要做一些 有益自己身體及提升自己心靈層面的東西。 一些天然、 原始、 草根性的東西。直覺的,從我們身體最需要的食物與飲料開始。

By making a good concept into a profitable idea, and putting ideas into actual products, we will be able to reach out to more people.  Bringing the positive impact into everyday life and hopefully one day we’ll have the financial ability to help out more people who are in need. 


This brand was actually created more than 10 years ago, when I was helping a relative who owns a cosmetic manufacture to start a product line.  But, they decided not to use it due to the financial issues they were dealing with at the time.  Later on, a friend approach me with an idea to sell tea, and again we use the same brand concept “Boonbe” to design the packaging.  However the business plan fell apart due to the disagreement between partners, before it could be made into products.

這是一個十幾年前就創造的品牌。當時為了幫忙親戚的化妝品工廠 設計品牌商品時而發想出來的概念,但是因為預算不足而作罷。後來,有個朋友來跟我談共同經營台灣茶的品牌,我再度將本味的概念用在設計及包裝上。然而,這個合作案因為夥伴之間無法達成共識,在產品還未能上市前就無疾而終。

Boonbe Tea Packaging Design / 本味茶包裝設計

I’ve never started an idea that I didn’t believe in.  Even if it’s only a simple idea without an actual product.  Searching for the original flavor was a simple concept, and we must turn it into a lifestyle.  We are living by the idea of searching for the roots and making things by hand.  Now, a brand just makes the concept more solid, something people can see and touch, something we use for daily life.  Now is time to bring this brand that has been idling in the closet for decades back to life.


Start your morning with a cup of hand roasted coffee and end your stress day with a cup of herbal tea.  This is the beginning of our Boonbe journey.

從早晨的一杯手工烘焙的精品咖啡開始, 至睡前的一杯舒壓的藥草茶, 我們準備步上 Boonbe本味的旅程。

Boonbe logo & visual design elements


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